Hey, I’m xiupos.

This blog and note update irregularly about the electronic work and the scenery photos to improve the writing power of xiupos. Since it is written as a memorandum for myself, there are many difficult-to-understand contents. I would be grateful if you could get some ideas from my posts.

Since I’m writing in Japanese, Google Translate should help read entries.

However, I will answer English or German questions. Contact me on Twitter or ActivityPub. Generally I approve follow requests.


I strive to provide as accurate information as possible, but I may not be able to guarantee all of the content on this site, as such information may be out of date. Also, if there is a problem with their accuracy or suitability, I may change or delete the information without notice.

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このブログとノートでは, 電子工作中に思ったことや, 出掛けた際の風景写真などを不定期に更新しています. 自分用の備忘録として書いていますので, 分かりにくい内容も多々あると思います. 少しでも参考になる記事があれば嬉しいです.

また, 1ヶ月以上更新しないことがほとんどです. なので, 長い目で暖かく見守って欲しいです.


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